How Oral Health and Heart Disease Are Connected

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After numerous studies, medical researchers have concluded that heart attacks are connected to gum disease. Here’s how.

Paying attention to your oral health can do wonders for your overall wellbeing. Several oral health issues, such as bad breath, gingivitis, tooth loss, discoloration, and bleeding, can occur due to inadequate care practices.

Recent studies have revealed a link between oral health problems and cardiac issues. Keeping your gums healthy may pay you back in more than a few ways. You’ll not just be able to woo others with a gleaming smile, but also keep your heart strong and pumping efficiently.

While the data is still insufficient, many markers indicate that there’s, in fact, a connection between gum disease and heart strokes. For example, smoking is considered a mutual factor that can lead to both, gum disease and heart problems. And periodontal problems can fuel existing heart issues.

Here’s all you need to know.

Inflammation in the Heart’s Blood Vessels

Gum disease is considered an inflammatory condition that causes tissue redness, swelling, and bleeding. Frequent dental cleaning and using a smart toothbrush with area detecting technology can help your stay on top of your oral hygiene.

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Researchers have revealed that the bacteria inside the human mouth can travel towards the vascular and cardiac systems via blood. It can, therefore, enter your heart and make it vulnerable to a stroke by blocking a steady blood supply. Dental inflammation and bleeding, if not treated on time, can precede strokes, attacks, cardiac arrests, and other types of vascular problems.

This issue can be especially serious for people with artificial valves or a history of severe heart concerns.

Gum Disease as a Stroke Indication

A heart stroke is an event in which constant blood supply to the heart gets hampered. Now there can be many reasons for this. But medical experts say gum disease can be one of them. The bacteria from gums may develop blood clots in your vessels.

This leads to inefficient blood circulation and prevents your heart from receiving adequate oxygen.

Who is at Risk?

People with underlying or pre-existing heart conditions are at a higher risk of experiencing another cardiac event due to gum disease. Gingivitis, AKA the first stage of gum disease or poor oral health can lead to heart problems if left undiagnosed.

Researchers in Germany found an alleviated risk for ischemic stroke in people who have an active gum disease problem. If you’re dealing with noticeable gum inflammation, we recommend you visit a dentist. Another way to improve your oral health is by investing in medical technology products like the Qutek Denticare Smart Sonic Electric Toothbrush.

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