Electric Toothbrush Buying Guide: What To Look For

DENTiCARE Smart Sonic Toothbrush by Qutek

A toothbrush is that one healthcare product that you can’t compromise on. Experts recommend brushing your teeth for two minutes, twice a day, to effectively remove plaque and other food particles from under the gum line and between the teeth. This keeps your mouth healthy and prevents dental decay.

So, if you’re considering switching from a manual to an electric toothbrush, you’ve come to the right place. It can be a bit overwhelming to shop for a new brush due to the multiple options available.

Here are some things to check for when purchasing an electric toothbrush.


First and foremost, avoid purchasing an electric toothbrush that is either too large or too little for your mouth. Toothbrushes with larger heads will make it difficult to thoroughly clean hard-to-reach places like behind your upper back or lower front teeth.

It’s recommended to get a toothbrush with a circular head as it can reach all the corners of your mouth. Furthermore, the handle should also be long enough for you to grip comfortably.

Stiffness of the Bristles

The bristle stiffness of an electric toothbrush is indicated by the terms extra soft, soft, medium, or hard. It’s best to use a brush with soft bristles.

Harder bristles can damage your gums, harm the enamel and root surfaces of your teeth. Therefore, it’s best to avoid toothbrushes with harder bristles.

Oscillating Motion

Experts advise against using an electric toothbrush that does not oscillate. The bristle of an oscillating electric toothbrush vibrates back and forth to disrupt plaque and dirt.

As a result, it effectively removes all the plaque and food particles hidden between your teeth effectively.

a woman with pearly white teeth smiling

Different Modes

There’s nothing better than an electric toothbrush with various modes to help optimize your brushing technique. It is highly recommended to look out for an electric toothbrush that offers the following options:

  • A cleaning mode that helps you clean the whole mouth with steady and swift strokes.
  • Whitening mode: It must also help scrub off those stubborn surface stains and whiten your teeth. It should help effectively remove the toughest stains from your teeth.
  • A polish mode: It will help leave behind a smooth, shiny surface by giving your teeth a thorough scrub.
  • If you have swollen and sensitive gums, a soft mode should be present for a gentle massaging action
  • If you have hypersensitive teeth, the sensitive mode is ideal for you.

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