Magicure Neck Massager
An intelligent cerebral vertebrae massager, featuring a streamlined ring-shaped design that perfectly fits the neck curve
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STEPS Body Composition Scale
A Smart Body Analyzer for You and Your Family
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Denticare Smart Sonic Toothbrush
A Smart Toothbrush to Get that Million Dollar Smile, Our design is clinically approved by dentists worldwide
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Qutek Technology Limited have been named Best Smart Body Analyser
STEPS Body Composition Scale & Most Thriving Healthcare SME 2021 by UK Enterprise Awards 2021.
STEPS Body composition scale

Welcome to QUTEK

Qutek focuses on creating ‘smart’ technology that can be integrated into the health and wellness industry. We believe that now is the time to invest in connecting and listening to what our body needs. Qutek is the perfect answer to that – with this mindset and all the data we collect and use, we are on our way to revolutionise the health and wellness industry via ‘smart’ technology.

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Steps Body Composition scale by Qutek


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