3Common Reasons Why Employees Are Less Productive At Work

a woman experiencing neck pain while at work

It’s not unusual to have a poor level of productivity at work. Employee productivity in the workplace is just 60% of what it can be. As a result, businesses are unable to meet their customers’ needs, resulting in annual losses of billions of dollars.

So, what’s the root cause of this demotivation? Continue reading to learn the most prevalent reasons why you might experience low productivity at work.

Workplace Anxiety

Workplace stress is a major factor that contributes to low productivity. According to a survey by Health Advocate, nearly one million employees are suffering from reduced productivity because of stress, costing businesses $600 per person each year.

When you’re struck by job-related anxiety, you lose focus, become distracted, and are unable to execute your responsibilities to the best of your abilities. You may jump from one task to the next, trying to make the most of your time and get as much work done as possible.

This will result in a decrease in productivity. The idea of your next activity to complete distracts you from your current duty.

A Lack of a Feeling of Belonging

Your recruits might feel like they don’t belong to the firm they work for. The top management must ensure that their company’s culture is inviting to new employees and doesn’t make them feel undervalued.

Before recruiting, you should first convey your company’s principles and values to new employees and ensure that everyone understands them and will follow them in the future. Otherwise, the likelihood of your new personnel being less productive than the rest will grow because they will feel out of place.

Lack of Recognition

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Thanking your employees for their hard work is one of the essential management tasks. Unfortunately, it’s also the most overlooked task. According to a study conducted, only 20% of employees feel highly regarded and valued at work.

If you don’t reward your employees for their achievements, they might get demotivated, lowering their productivity. Once this occurs, executives will have to face the problem of disgruntled staff that will not be focused on executing their jobs to the best of their abilities. Instead, they will send out resumes and apply for other positions.

If you’re a senior manager, appreciate your employees now and then to make them feel valued.

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