The Ugly Truth About Your Toothbrush & Germs

A close-up shot of bacterial particles

A study has revealed that more than 10 million micro-organisms are present on a single toothbrush. These organisms include germs such as bacteria, staph, and pseudomonas, among many others.

Moreover, a toilet flush can cause faecal matter can travel up to six feet in the air. Some of these particles may land on your toothbrush and contaminate them. Manual toothbrushes have been linked to health problems due to this contamination issue.

Dentists recommend that toothbrushes must be replaced every after every six weeks. Whether the bristles are frayed or not. Opt for smart medical products such as Denticare Smart Sonic electric toothbrushes to prevent illnesses and improve your overall dental health.

Here are some more notorious facts about manual toothbrushes.

Food Debris Accumulation

Brushed your teeth after having dinner? Well, the food you ate must still be on your toothbrush bristles. Exactly! Even after thoroughly washing the brush, there may be some food particles stuck on the bristles. These particles turn into bacteria overnight and enter your mouth.

A good way to say goodbye to this problem is by investing in a smart toothbrush. Our smart medical tech product comes with antibacterial bristles and a user-friendly design.

Toilet Bacteria Growth

As we mentioned earlier, toilet particles can travel through the air and settle on your exposed toothbrush’s surface. Firstly, you should ensure the adequate distance between these two things. Don’t store a toothbrush close to your toilet.

Another way to avoid this contamination is to say goodbye to manual toothbrushes and invest in a smart dental cleaning tool such as Denticare. Our electric toothbrush is available in the UK, KSA, and Kuwait. It’s FDA, CE, and ROHS certified and recommended by expert dentists.

While putting a case on your toothbrush may prevent some of the toilet bacteria from growing on brush bristles, this solution isn’t permanent.

Invest in High-End, Affordable Smart Healthcare Technology Products

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We recommend you replace your manual toothbrush with Denticare electric toothbrush. Our healthcare tech product offers five different brushing modes, 40,000 strokes per minute, and guaranteed gum health improvement.

the five brushing modes of Denticare smart sonic electric toothbrush

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