4 Habits to Adopt for Back Pain Relief

woman having back pain.

Persistent back pain can hinder your ability to perform the simplest tasks. According to a study, many individuals are unable to participate in their favorite activities because of this chronic pain.

Therefore, if you wish to improve the quality of your life, the first thing you need to do is find effective and lasting relief from back pain. Adopt the healthy habits mentioned below to minimize back pain whether you’re at home or in the office:

1. Avoid Slouching

Sitting for long hours at the office is a common cause of backache—especially if you slouch. Maintaining the correct posture is key to reducing backaches. Align your upper and lower spine by pushing your back against the chair while keeping your shoulders straight. Your forearms should be parallel to the floor, and your knees should be either below or at the same level as the hips. This posture will help reduce the pressure on your lower back.

2. Stretch and Yoga

Stretching your body and doing yoga every day will improve your overall posture while limiting back pain. Try simple exercises like lying on your back and bringing your knees up to your chest. You can also try cycling, swimming, and biking to relieve the tension that has built up in your back.

3. Walk Properly

woman crossing the road.


Your posture alone can solve a lot of your back pain problems if you walk or stand without slouching. Keep your spine aligned as you walk, and make sure to pull your shoulders back. If you’re standing, slightly bend your knees to reduce pressure from your lower back.

4. Sleep On Your Back

You may have a favorite sleeping position, but if that position is ruining your posture and causing back pain, would you call it your favorite? Instead of lying on your side or your tummy, you should lie on your back from time to time to straighten your spine. Sleep in a position where your head, neck, and spine are aligned. This pain-reducing position will not only help you sleep better but will also relieve spinal pressure.

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