Magicure Intelligent Waist Massager


The product applies to healthy adult aged between 18 and 60, including abdominal exerciser, waist exerciser, obese people, patients with constipation and lumbar diseases. Please read carefully prior to using

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MagiCure Intelligent Waist Massager from Qutek Health stimulates the muscles for the purposes of strengthening and relaxing them. Integrating hot compress, low-medium frequency electric impulse and magnetic effect promotes blood circulation, accelerates fat movement, and relieves fatigue to support deep tissue massage. Massage can be a useful addition to your wellness treatment as a way to manage pain, spasms and speed up recovery. This belt massager is guaranteed to awaken the vitality of the waist.

Ergonomic and elegant design. Easy to operate with the wireless remote control and LCD.

The latest 3D Intelligent Lamination technology, ensures perfect fitting around the abdomen and/or back for comfortable use.

FIR Heat: 3s instant heat up providing hot therapy offers low, medium and high grade options.

Moxibustion therapy is also inclusive. Refer to Operating Instructions to learn how to install the mug wort cake.

Red Light Therapy: Using 630-650 nanometer red light irradiation therapy, it penetrates into the subcutaneous tissue 10-15mm for deep relief.

6 PULSE MODES & 16 INTENSITY: Electrical pulses with middle and low frequency, loosen up tight muscle, relieves pain fatigue. 16 levels of intensities to choose.

Wireless & Portable: The remote is magnetic and attached to the belt, easy to operation and convenient to carry.

Adjustable Belt

1. Product Specifications
Name: MagiCure Intelligent Waist Massager
Model: MB400
Charging Source: 5V DC 1A (USB)
Rated power: 5W
Lithium Battery of Host: 3.7V DC 2000mAh
Button Cell of Remote Control: CR2032 3V DC Dimension of Packing
Box: 265x130x75mm Weight: about 390g

2. Normal Operating Conditions:
Ambient Temperature: +5℃-40℃
Relative Humidity: ≤80%;
Atmospheric Pressure: 86kPa – 106kPa;

3. Electrical Performance
Pulse Frequency: 1Hz – 1000Hz;
Pulse modulation frequency: (4- 10)KHz;
Pulse Width: 200μs – 400μs;
Single Pulse Power for Maximum Output Amplitude: >7μC;
Maximum Output Energy of Single Pulse: ≤300mJ;
Effective Value of Maximum Output Amplitude: ≤25V (50mA);
Peak Output Voltage for Open Loop Measurement: ≤500V;
Rated Load Impedance: 500Ω, permissible deviation of ±10%;
Timing Interval: Adjustable between 15min and 30 min;
Hot Compress Temperature: Within 38℃ – 45℃ (under the environment of 23℃±2℃).
Technical Parameters and Specifications
Product Components
1. Waist Massager
2. Remote Control
3. USB Connection
4. User Manual
5. Warranty Card
6. Additional Battery CR2032

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