Working Remotely? 5 Tips to Remain Fit and Healthy

A person working on the laptop

Is work from home taking a toll on your health? Here’s how you can enhance your work productivity.

Do you know that a sedentary lifestyle increases the likelihood of heart strokes, obesity, and diabetes?

While work from home seems the most flexible and effective solution to prevent the COVID-19 spread, it has its own challenges that can take a toll on our health. But don’t worry; we’ve got your back.

Here, we’ve compiled some tips to remain fit and healthy while working remotely.

#1 Set Up a Comfortable Workspace

When you’re working from home, you need an environment with the least distractions and maximum comfort.

You can set up a comfortable workspace by choosing a chair that supports optimal postures and prevent back pain. Additionally, buy an office desk that keeps the laptop/PC at arm’s length. It will help prevent wrist pain while typing.

No matter your home size, find a comfortable chair and table to enhance your focus and productivity.

A workspace at home

#2 Remain Focused with a Structured Routine

Remote work can lead to stress. So, do yourself a favour by setting up a structured routine.

This routine includes scheduling time for starting your work, taking breaks, and winding up. It helps you manage your tasks better and enjoy an improved work-life balance. Moreover, it also allows you to get enough sleep. Remember, you should at least have 7 hours of good quality sleep to work efficiently.

#3 Stock Kitchen with Healthy Food

Often people feel hungrier when they’re working from homes than offices. This leads to binge eating junk food like chips, biscuits, etc., which can cause obesity.

So, a productive way to avoid putting on calories is to stock your kitchen with healthy foods. These include leafy vegetables, fruit salads, whole grains, and other nutritious snacks.

#4 Stay Hydrated

Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Water prevents dehydration that can cause mood swings and constipation, reducing your employee productivity.

It also helps you take more bathroom breaks, promoting muscle flexibility and joint movement. So, when you stand up, stretch yourself a bit and walk for a while to stay active.

#5 Avoid Bad Postures

While the bed and the couch seem more comfortable to sit and work on, they often cause backaches and neck pain due to slouching. So, practice a good posture when working on the computer by choosing a back-supportive armchair. You can also reach out to your organization to help you set up a dedicated workspace.

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