Why Should You Promote Health and Wellbeing in Your Workplace

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Promoting health and wellness in organizations increase employee retention. Read on to learn the importance of employee wellbeing.

Most businesses don’t consider employee health and wellbeing an important enough factor for their growth. However, it’s a core component of an organization’s success. The healthier your workforce is, the more productive they are.

That’s why major tech companies like Google and Facebook have incorporated smart technological solutions in their employee wellness programs. Here are some reasons why health and wellbeing should be a priority in your workplace!

#1 Improve Employee Productivity

Employee productivity refers to the amount of output produced by employees in a specified time. A recent study indicated that employees who eat an unhealthy diet are 66 per cent more likely to exhibit poor productivity.

Employee wellbeing programs focusing on enhancing employee health will improve employee productivity, ultimately fostering the organization’s growth.

#2 Help Employees Adopt Healthy Behaviours

Often employees engage in unhealthy behaviours that affect their physical and mental health adversely. Therefore, it’s recommended that companies organize wellbeing training programs to help employees adopt healthy behaviours.

These healthy behaviours include eating healthy, exercising regularly, managing stress, wearing seat belts while driving, etc. Not only will this increase their satisfaction levels but also they’ll be able to maintain their work-life balance effectively.

#3 Control Employee Absenteeism

Over the years, researchers have conducted various studies to assess the relationship between wellbeing programs and employee absenteeism. Some studies have shown a positive correlation between the two factors due to the following reasons:

  • Employees who eat healthy live healthy. They don’t suffer from frequent illnesses;
  • Employees who learn to manage stress better have lower absenteeism;
  • Employees with healthy blood pressure and cholesterol take fewer leaves.

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#4 Increase Employee Retention

Employees are the most important asset of any organization. By promoting health and wellbeing at the workplace, organizations can retain their employees.

For instance, all giant tech companies like Microsoft offer amazing health and wellbeing benefits, including free gym membership and hospital insurance with no premium because they want to retain the best workforce. Thus, introducing wellbeing programs can keep employees loyal.

#5 Boost Employee Morale

Employees are happier when they feel appreciated and valued in an organization. So, while promoting health and wellbeing at workplaces helps increase business productivity, it also boosts employee morale that keeps their spirits high to continue working towards achieving the organization’s goals.

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