Tips for Getting Back in the Gym

A woman working out at the gym

Although getting back in the gym can be a bit tricky, it’s not impossible. Here are some tips that are sure to help!

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been hibernating all winter or you’re simply not going because of lockdowns, figuring out how to get back to the gym can be a bit daunting. However, there’s no need to panic. While it’s hard to get back in the game, it’s not impossible. There are plenty of tips that are sure to help you ease into your workout routine. Read on to find out what those are:

Don’t Jump Back into Exercising

It’s been a while since you did a complete workout, and your body might not be in the position to jump in where it left off. So instead of overburdening yourself, start slow and slowly build up to your previous workout level.

It’s best to start by stretching, as it’s a great way to tone your muscles and keep them strong and healthy. Since you’ll also have to re-build your endurance level, start with something small—for instance, lifting lighter weights instead of running for 60 minutes straight—and then build up.

Schedule Your Gym Days

To ensure consistency, it is best to have a workout routine. See what you’re comfortable with, and then decide accordingly. Perhaps you’re comfortable with going to the gym only once a week at the start. If that’s the case, mark it on your calendar and go with it. You don’t have to burden yourself by thinking you have to go to the gym six days a week.

Once you’re comfortable, you can work your way up to three or four times a week. Remember, your body is more responsive if you’re consistent. So if you want results, it’s best to be consistent as this would help you establish a regular pattern.

Anticipate Sore Muscles

If you’ve just begun exercising, expect your muscles to be sore for the next 12 to 72 hours. This phenomenon is known as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS), and it occurs because of microtears and inflammation. If you have faulty genes, you might face severe inflammation after you exercise. In such a case, the recovery might take even longer. However, that’s not to put you off exercise. When you exercise repeatedly, you’ll experience less muscle damage and gain more strength. The key is to be prepared so that you can avoid pain. Eat Right

Food packed with nutritious value

Once you begin working out, make sure you’re eating properly to speed up recovery. It’s essential to increase your protein and carbohydrate intake to allow the synthesis of glycogen and muscle protein to take place more effectively.

Taking micronutrients found in supplements can minimize long-term inflammation, boost recovery and give you more energy. Therefore, it’s best to start taking supplements as soon as you hit the gym.

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