The Link between Employee Health and Productivity

Employees in the workplace

It’s not easy being in a managerial role, especially when you have to walk the fine line of pleasing your employers as well as your subordinates. It seems like the only way to perform well and stand out in the organization is to sacrifice your work-life balance for many employees.

However, this doesn’t need to be the case, and employers need to note how employees working overtime and staying late can hamper meeting deadlines. Here are a few ways how employee health and productivity can be interconnected.

More Sick Leaves

An organization with less of a focus on the well-being of its employees can incur substantial costs. Less healthy employees mean more sick days, less productivity, and ultimately unsatisfied customers. Encouraging employees to have a healthy lifestyle can lead to a drop in absenteeism by 27%!

Before the need for sick leave arises in the first place, employers can provide their staff with flexible work hours and even days off when they need them. Studies show that when you give employees access to days off when they need them, they’re 14% more engaged when they return to work.

Employee Wellness Programs

Wellness programs initiated by the organization for its employees can go a long way in ensuring they’re healthy and productive.  As per a study carried out by the University of Chicago, employee wellness programs helped improve the productivity of the participating staff by an average of one entire workday per month.

We understand now that employers can encourage their staff to be healthy, which will improve their performance for the organization instead of decreasing it. Not only does this help employees be healthier, but it will also make them more content with their work and reduce their chances of switching jobs.

A group of people doing yoga stretch

So, How Exactly Do You Go About Making Your Employees Healthier?

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