The Importance of Dental Hygiene

a girl using braces as part of her dental care routine

Why is dental hygiene important and how can you ensure good oral health? All this, plus tips on how to enhance your dental cleaning experience in the UK.

The importance of oral hygiene in UK has been expressed time and again, and yet people are still neglecting their teeth and gums. Despite being encouraged to continue good dental health through regular dentist visits, approximately 50% of adults and two-thirds of children do not go for a check-up, according to the Raconteur.

How to improve your dental hygiene?

For the most part, our body’s natural defenses and daily brushing does help build resilience to the aforementioned conditions. However, taking a few extra precautions and investing a little more in your dental health will keep you on the right track.

Choose a Smart Toothbrush

Take your dental cleaning routine to the next level with the Denticare Smart Sonic Toothbrush. At Qutek, we’re dedicated to developing smart solutions that can enhance your dental cleaning experience in the UK. It comes in multiple modes that allow you to optimize your teeth cleaning experience and ensure great oral health.

Get fluoride for your teeth

Fluoride is a natural chemical that helps fight cavities, builds resilience to tooth decay, and ultimately makes your teeth stronger. It reacts with the calcium and phosphate in your saliva to form fluorapatite, which is a stronger defense against cavities. Its significance can be gauged by the fact that many organizations like the CDC and ADA actively endorse the fluoridation of water supplies. So make sure to use toothpaste and mouth rinse with this chemical or get regular fluoride treatments from the dentist.

Use mouthwashes in moderation

Mouthwashes are very useful when it comes to removing bad breath, treating gingivitis, or preventing cavities. They are also perfect for reaching the areas in our mouth that the toothbrush cannot cover. However, the problem with mouth rinses is that they remove both good and bad bacteria.

By damaging the mouth’s microbiome, you may face even more bad breath and dry mouth. In these cases, try to use mouthwashes in moderation, or opt for alcohol-free rinses.

a girl brushing her teeth

Why is oral hygiene important?

1. Early detection of disease

Regular dental visits promote healthy eating and dental care habits. Additionally, they help catch diseases and other oral health issues early on before they become aggravated. Early detection is critical to prevent permanent damage to your teeth. Invest in your oral health today and stay on top of your dental health.

2. Bad oral hygiene affects your physical health

The importance of oral health goes beyond the area of your mouth. Research indicates that oral health is essential for general well-being of all individuals as mouth is a reflection of our health. If you do not keep up with oral hygiene, then the probability of being afflicted with different dental ailments is very high. These include conditions like pneumonia, endocarditis, and cardiovascular diseases.

3. Fights tooth decay and tooth loss

Tooth loss is a common problem among children and adults. Brushing your teeth properly twice a day and limiting sugary snacks can reduce the risk of tooth decay and permanent loss. Oral health decay can be difficult to detect until it becomes severe.

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