Is a Smart Sonic Electric Toothbrush Right for Your Child?

DENTiCARe smart sonic toothbrush

Smart sonic toothbrushes motivate children to follow good oral hygiene. Here’s a brief guide on them.

Do you know that the first electric toothbrush came into the market in 1954? While this fact may not excite your kids, we’re certain that choosing toothbrushes with advanced technology and smart solutions can motivate them to practice a good dental hygiene routine.

In this blog, we’ve compiled a brief guide on smart sonic toothbrushes and their benefits for children.

What Is a Smart Sonic Electric Toothbrush?

A smart sonic electric toothbrush is an intelligent device designed to enhance oral hygiene and dental health. It’s battery-operated and consists of oscillating bristles that move around in each mouth quadrant to remove bacteria and plaque effectively.

When you use a smart sonic toothbrush, you’re required to change its brush head every three months.

Benefits of Smart Sonic Electric Toothbrush for Children

Using a smart sonic electric toothbrush has many benefits.

According to research, people who used electric toothbrushes than manual ones had more plaque reduction and increased gingivitis protection.

In addition to effective cleaning, smart sonic toothbrushes motivate children to maintain oral hygiene. They’re easier to hold, more flexible, and allow to brush in dental crannies where manual toothbrushes can’t reach.

Many leading brands offer smart sonic toothbrushes with attractive themes and designs to keep children motivated to practice excellent dental health care.

A smart sonic electric toothbrush

How to Choose the Right Smart Toothbrush for Your Child?

Choosing the right smart toothbrush isn’t rocket science. Just like a regular toothbrush, choose a smart sonic toothbrush that fits your child’s mouth size perfectly and can clean their teeth from any angle.

For toddlers and younger children, choose smart toothbrushes with soft bristles that are gentler on their gums. Remember, teaching your child the proper technique to use a smart sonic toothbrush is imperative for effective results. For instance, guide your children to position their smart toothbrushes at a 45-degree angle across the gum line.

While a smart sonic electric toothbrush rotates itself, your child needs to move it to and fro inside the mouth for short strokes.

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