How to Stay Physically Active during Self-Quarantine?

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Self-quarantine can induce sedentary lifestyle changes in people. Here’s how you can stay physically fit during self-quarantine!

While health officials have advised people to stay home, it doesn’t mean we can’t exercise or take time out for a walk. Self-quarantine is a challenging time for most people when they indulge in binge eating and start practising a sedentary lifestyle that conflicts with their potential fitness and wellness routine.

So, if you want to know how to remain physically fit during self-quarantine, we’ve got you covered. In this blog, we’ve compiled some tips to help you stay physically active during self-quarantine.

1. Eat Healthy and Help Improve Your Immune System

The most important thing that will help you fight against the COVID-19 virus is a healthy immune system. And this is possible when you consume a nutritious and healthy diet.

Eat a protein and a fiber-rich diet. This will help you feel satiated for a longer time, you won’t put on extra calories, and your immune system will improve.

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2. Exercise Regularly

So what if gyms are closed during lockdowns? Think outside the gym. Learn easy exercises from YouTube and exercise at home. Regular exercise increases body metabolism and plays a vital role in keeping your body fit. Exercises also play a critical role in ensuring all your body processes are working fine.

3. Change Your Sedentary Lifestyle

One of the common outcomes of self-quarantine, self-isolation, and lockdown is a sedentary lifestyle. Step out of this funk by walking or standing up after every few minutes. This could include doing house chores or attending phone calls while moving around the home. Let your brain remain active and body fit to perform all the tasks.

4. Take Time Out to Relax and Meditate

Finally, relaxation is as important as exercising. You can meditate by doing yoga or doing deep breathing exercises. You can also watch a movie or catch up with a friend on a video call to unwind your frustration and stress. Relaxation and meditation help improve your mental health, which is as significant as maintaining your physical health.

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