How to Keep Your Smile Young

healthy foods for better oral health

Make a great first appearance with a dazzling smile. Learn tips on how to protect your teeth from discoloration, decay, and disease.

A beautiful smile is one of the first things you notice about a person. A flash of beauty and brilliance, a nice smile can light up your face and actually make you look younger and more appealing to others.

So how do you keep your smile looking its best? There may not be any anti-aging miracle creams for your teeth, but there are plenty of little steps you can take to avoid signs of aging and keep your oral health in top shape.

Get A Smart Toothbrush

Get rid of stains and improve your oral health with the use of a smart toothbrush like Denticare Smart Sonic Toothbrush. This toothbrush is designed to take your dental cleaning experience to the next level.

Equipped with real-time brush area detecting technology, the advanced toothbrush can change modes to clean any given area of the mouth. Studies show that the Denticare Smart Sonic Toothbrush can remove seven times more plaque compared to a manual toothbrush, helping teeth stay whiter and brighter.

Keep your mouth moist

As we get older, saliva production in the mouth decreases, and you get a drier mouth. Less saliva can be bad for your dental hygiene as it can cause infections and tooth decay. To prevent dry mouth and its side effects, the National Institute of Health recommends sugarless chewing gum that can promote saliva production without the added sugars.

Avoid foods that cause stains

Certain foods such as coffee, carbonated drinks, and tomato-based sauces can stain teeth readily. The appearance of yellowing teeth can make you look instantly older because it’s also a common sign of aging. A smart idea would be to skip the black coffee or tea and replace it with herbal teas that don’t cause staining. If you’re unable to go without your morning coffee, it’s best to sure to swish with water afterward.

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Limit snacking

We all know that snacking all day is bad for the waistline, but it can also wreak havoc on your oral health. Frequent snacking—especially on high-carb foods—can increase acid levels in your mouth, which accelerates the breakdown of tooth enamel. Once the enamel is broken, the inner layer is left exposed, which can decay quite quickly. Cutting down on snacks during odd hours can keep your teeth protected and looking healthy too.

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