How to Be an Employer That People Really Want to Work For?

Happy employer and employee

Here’s all you need to know about Qutek’s innovative smart technical solutions and health technology products that can increase employee efficiency, productivity, and satisfaction.

While competitive pay factors into a worker’s decision to choose a company, there’s a lot more that employees really want. The sooner an employer acknowledges workers’ multiple desires, the easier it becomes to attract and retain top talent.

If you’re an employer who has noticed a decline in workplace efficiency and productivity, research reveals that commitment to employees’ health and well-being is one of the most critical factors that lead to increased employee satisfaction.

Workplace wellness promotes healthy habits and shows employees that the company cares about their psychological, financial, and physical well-being. While most managers understand that positive workplace culture and wellness initiatives, such as onsite health screenings, mental health days, mediation programs, learning sessions, employees’ lunches, and such gestures promote the well-being of employees, Qutek offers innovative products that are designed to enhance the overall wellness of employees while simplifying healthcare for all.

Let’s glance at some smart technological solutions in UK that show employees that the company cares about them and puts them first.

MagiCure Neck Massager

Qutek’s Magicure Neck Massager

Imagine being able to relax while you work! Qutek’s Magicure Neck Massager combines infrared heating, low-frequency electric pulse, and magnetic effect to provide pain-relieving effects.

It’s a multifunctional device designed to promote blood circulation, relax muscles, and relieve fatigue. The best medical professionals deem it a cost-effective solution that may help employees maintain a comfortable body posture, relieve muscle soreness of the neck, arms or shoulder, reduce headaches, and prevent cervical vertebra illnesses.

Denticare Smart Sonic Toothbrush

Denticare Smart Sonic Toothbrush

The importance of oral hygiene is often undermined, especially when it comes to employee wellness.  Denticare Smart Sonic Toothbrush is an innovative health technology product that pertains to gum disease solutions.

The perfect health companion is loaded with numerous features such as 40,000 strokes per minute, ‘find brush area detecting technology,’ six-axis sensors, and unique movability, which helps address issues such as sensitivity, stubborn stains, and more ensure top-notch dental cleaning experience and optimal oral health. Its ergonomic design is compatible with Android devices and iOS.

STEPS Body Composition Scale

STEPS Body Composition Scale

Another excellent way to appreciate the employees is to treat them to Qutek’s revolutionary sleek and stylish STEPS Body Composition Scale provides a comprehensive picture of a person’s health, with various metrics to choose from and precise figures that can be monitored on the go.

It allows the creation of multiple user profiles and provides a holistic view on fitness goals and overall well-being by determining body fat, BMI, protein content, water content, bone mass, and a lot more multifaceted feature that allow monitoring, tracking, and analysis of overall health. 

If you’re an employer who wants to make the employees feel ecstatic, check out Qutek for an extensive range of products that include a lot more than the best smart scales in London.

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