Smart Parenting: How Does This Bedwetting Alarm Work?

Bedwetting is a pretty common problem amongst kids aged between 2 to 5.

But the nightly mishaps can brew up lots of trouble for the parents.From sleepless nights, irritable children to exhausted bodies― the whole family’s routine gets messed up during the toilet training years.

If only there was a solution to this…

What if we told you that there is a bedwetting solution?

Science and technology have figured out a way to get solve your child’s bedwetting problems. Studies have proven that enuresis alarms can be used for toilet training. This highly sensitive device provides a time-reactive solution to the problem.

The bedwetting alarms are effective, safe and user-friendly. Thus, once the child gets used to the device, you can enjoy a good night’s sleep without any worry.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Well, it’s time to shake off those doubts.

Here’s an informative guide that helps you to understand how the bedwetting alarm works:

The Basics: What Is an Enuresis Alarm?

Enuresis alarms (bedwetting alarms) are battery powered devices that come with a sensor. The alarm gets triggered whenever the sensors pick up a wet sensation.

This noise wakes up the child and lets them know that they need to go to the loo.

It’s said that this training technique helps them to understand their bladder cycle better. They also learn how to control their urges. That’s because once they start getting up to the noise, it automatically teaches them to respond to the call of nature too.

What does it look like?  Enuresis alarms are of two types. One of them is connected to a waterproof mat that detects the pee. The wetness activates the alarm. The other kind is like the Peepiya Bedwetting Treatment Solution.

The Mechanism: How Does Peepiya Work?

The Peepiya Bedwetting Treatment falls under the second category of enuresis alarms. It is a body-worm device. It has a sensor at one end and an alarm at another. The small sensor clips are slipped into your child’s pyjama bottoms.  The alarm is attached to their top part of their night suit or around their arms.

Then as soon as the hypersensitive sensors detect the first few trickles of urine― the alarm starts to ring. The noise will wake you and the child up. In the beginning, it’s your responsibility to quickly take the child to the toilet. But eventually, the kid gets the hang of this routine by their selves.

Within a span of few short weeks, they’ll become independent toilet-goers.

The Reason: Why Should You Choose Peepiya?

There are countless of bedwetting solutions in the market. But you won’t find anything like Peepiya in your local store.

Let’s look at the features that make it special:

  • The device is user-friendly
  • The sensors are sturdy and hypersensitive
  • Comes with a progress chart that helps keep track of dry nights
  • It’s medically approved and tested by experts

In short, this bedwetting alarm is a nifty way to train your toddlers.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to Qutek London to get this smart device!