Here’s Why We Suggest Eating Home-Cooked Meals

A family preparing a meal together

Learn why home-cooked meals are better than commercially prepared food, with advice from the health and wellness industry in UK.

When it comes to food, it’s time we stopped taking the easy way out.

The best medical professionals in London and around the world agree that choosing takeaway over home-cooked food does more harm than good.

We’re not denying that it tastes great, and sometimes we do it out of laziness. However, in the long run, by prioritizing eating at a restaurant, ordering in, or buying processed foods from the supermarket, you’re jeopardizing your health.

Preparing all your meals at home does take a bit more effort in the beginning, especially if haven’t done it consistently before, but the rewards are worth it:

1. It Saves Your Money and Time

Buying ingredients and cooking a meal at home is generally less expensive than eating out.

This is because when you go out to eat, you aren’t paying only for your meal. The cost of keeping that business afloat is also factored into the menu prices. You’re contributing to their utility bill payments, their rent, and the salaries they pay their staff.

Try this: over the weekend, create a menu and plan your meals for the following five days.

See which ingredients you need, and how much preparation each meal requires. Once you get into the habit of planning ahead, you’ll realize there’s a variety of dishes you can prepare in 30 minutes, the time it takes for an order to be delivered.

2. More Nutritious Ingredients

Food in restaurants is notoriously loaded with fat, sugar, and salt. In exchange for a bit of flavour, you end up putting a lot of harmful ingredients in your body.

However, this isn’t a problem when you’re cooking at home.

In your kitchen, you’re very much the boss. You get to decide which ingredients you’re going to use, based on your palate and preferences. You’re also in control of the quantities, which means no excessively oily or overly salty food.

3. More Reasonable Portions

Restaurants and fast-food chains are both known for their enormous, and frankly ridiculous, portions. A typical serving of a restaurant meal is big enough for two people to share.

The problem is, though, that when the generously loaded plate is put in front of you, you end up feeling compelled to eat it. Ultimately, you overeat and consume more calories than you require.

At home, you’re in command of the portion sizes. Choose your plates wisely, and discover how easy it is to feel full & satiated with more reasonable portions.

4. All About the Love

Cooking for your partner has long been hailed as one of the sweetest romantic gestures ever, and it’s for a good reason.

Whether you’re cooking for your significant other, or the two of you are collaborating in the kitchen, mealtimes can help you bond and feel closer to each other.

It also works just as well for families. Round up the kids and adults in your family to help with cooking, and then sit down to eat together. Not only will each of you get to talk about your day, but you’ll also forge stronger connections with each other.

A happy family in the kitchen

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