Exposing 3 Myths about Neck Pain

A woman experiencing neck pain

Many people believe in myths about neck pain, which leads to ineffective diagnosis and treatment. Let’s debunk the most popular ones.

Neck pain can be hard to treat if you don’t know its root cause. On top of this, there are several myths governing neck problems. These cause improper problem detection and treatment. Thanks to healthcare tech companies like Qutek, you can get advanced neck massagers online.

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Neck pain is usually sharp, recurring, and can radiate through your shoulders and arms. Moreover, it can also cause weakness in your upper body due to direct linkage with the spine.

In this blog, we’ve busted the most popular myths about neck pain. So let’s get started.

1. Neck Pain is Only in My Neck Muscles

You’d be surprised to know that the human neck is made of 7 vertebrae. Out of the total 24, these seven play a major role in forming the spinal cord. Neck pain can be associated with any of these vertebrae. You may experience muscle tightness, stiffness, and tingling due to vertebrae contraction.

Moreover, neck pain can also be a result of a tightened column that reaches your pelvis through the back. This is a common issue in people who walk and sit with improper posture. Studies show that circular traction massage can help soothe your vertebrae.

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A spinal cord drawing

2. Neck Pain Means Weak Muscles

Not really. Your neck pain isn’t a direct indication of weak neck muscles. It actually occurs due to stiffness if your neck isn’t able to release energy properly. This lack of movement results in inadequate oxygen and blood supply into the veins, leading to muscle strain.

To prevent neck pain, you need to relax your neck, back, and hip muscles. Studies have linked stress with neck pain conditions. With the right posture and state of mind, you can improve neck health easily. Couple this treatment with our advanced healthcare technology product, Magicure neck massager for quicker, more effective results.

3. Neck Pain is a Consequence of Ageing

It’s a common perception that people hitting forty are more vulnerable to experiencing neck pain. This is, however, totally false. Neck pain is a chronic condition that develops due to unhealthy posture and can worsen if not treated on time.

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