Are Fitness Applications Worth It?

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Technology has now advanced to such an extent that people can carry more information in the palm of their hand than they could ever need. The world of fitness hasn’t shied away from this progression, with several applications guiding users on all sorts of fitness-related queries, whether it’s prepping a meal plan or what their next gym session will look like.

But are fitness applications worth it? Do they work as an alternative to hiring a physical trainer? We get to the bottom of this.

Remote Learning

The past year and a half have more or less limited people throughout the world to their homes. When everything from work to socializing is being done remotely, it only makes sense that personal fitness follows the trend.

Fitness applications have helped bridge this gap of people needing guidance on their physical fitness without leaving their homes. Big-name brands like Nike and Adidas have hopped on the bandwagon, introducing apps that provide home-based workouts with customized training and tutorials.

A woman taking an online yoga class


Fitness applications have come a long way and have developed into more than just a nifty gadget to track your steps or count how many glasses of water you’ve had that day. With customized support and subscription packages, fitness applications seem to be on the path to completely digitizing at-home workouts.

The “One-to-One” Experience

This is where fitness applications somewhat lag. Personal training goes far beyond simply listing routines and telling people what not to eat. It is a deeply personalized process, as every individual has their own needs and goals in mind.

While fitness apps may be able to provide a much wider array of information to the user, it has yet to replace the level of customizability and tailor-made offerings that a personal trainer can present.

Qutek provides a blend of digital and human

Although modern technology has enabled several solutions for people looking to get fit, the human element cannot be ignored. This is why Qutek provides diverse solutions that combine these two aspects to give you a holistic workout experience.

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