5 Habits that Damage Teeth

A woman biting chocolate

Eating sugary treats can lead to tooth decay! Check out some other habits that damage teeth.

Perhaps you follow a good dental hygiene routine and brush your teeth regularly. But you still can’t prevent tooth decay and cavities. Ever wondered why? It’s due to some nasty daily habits!

For instance, almost all of us love biting into juicy burgers and sipping on sodas without realizing that this can wreak havoc on our pearly whites. But, don’t stress out! We’ve got you covered.

Here, we’ve compiled some habits that damage teeth, so you can avoid them.

Habit # 01: Brushing Aggressively

Often people brush their teeth aggressively, thinking this will remove the plaque better. This perception is wrong.

Brushing too hard can damage your teeth and irritate the gums. Therefore, use a soft bristle brush gently on your pearly whites. Additionally, you can also use a smart sonic toothbrush for more effective cleaning and wider strokes.

Denticare smart sonic toothbrush

Habit # 02: Eating Sugary and Sticky Treats

The biggest enemy of your dental health is sugar. The mouth bacteria thrive on sugar, so when you consume sweet and sticky treats like candies, gums, jellies, they stick to your teeth, causing tooth decay and cavities. Overlooking this problem can lead to tooth enamel erosion.

Habit # 03: Using Toothpicks

Almost all of us use toothpicks to pick out the food debris or particles stuck inside the teeth. But this can damage the teeth.

According to Mayo Clinic, using toothpicks to clear your dental crannies can result in infected and swollen gums. Therefore, individuals should use dental floss to remove the food particles stuck between the teeth.

Habit # 04: Smoking or Consuming Tobacco

Whether it’s a cigarette or a cigar, all tobacco products are harmful to teeth. Research indicates that smoking or chewing tobacco increases the risk of mouth cancer, bad breath, tooth decay, or severe gum diseases like gingivitis. If you’re an active tobacco user, consult a dentist or a health physician to help limit your tobacco use.

Habit # 05: Chewing Pens, Pencils, or Ice Cubes

Often people carelessly chew on their pens and pencils while concentrating on something. This habit can cause your pearly whites to chip or crack. It can also irritate the dental tissues present inside the gums.

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