10 Foods for Good Oral Health

a shot of different healthy foods

A holistic approach towards maintaining good oral health is the key. Find out which foods enhance your dental health and also improve your overall well-being.

The importance of oral hygiene in UK or anywhere for that matter cannotbe understated. At Qutek, we strongly believe that a holistic approach towards maintaining good oral health is the key. That’s why we develop innovative health technology products that improve our health and wellbeing in several ways. We’re the leading distributor of health technology in the UK with solutions such as the Denticare Smart Sonic Toothbrush to help your teeth stay whiter and brighter.

That said, ensuring healthy eating habits is just as important as cleaning your teeth properly and visiting the dentist. That’s why we’ve picked out the top ten foods that are known to not only enhance your dental health but also improve your overall wellbeing.

1.    Celery

Consider celery as nature’s very own dental floss. Its texture is fibrous and crunchy, which induces saliva production upon chewing. The saliva then helps remove the bacteria and remaining food particles from your mouth.

2.    Carrots

Carrots are similar to celery in the sense that they are firm, thus also playing a major role in stimulating your salivary glands. Another advantage of carrots is that they contain vitamin C and vitamin A. Both are key nutrients that help keep your gums healthy and teeth enamel strong.

3.    Apples

Chewing on apples is another way to increase salivation. This and other fibrous fruits like pears clean your mouth and neutralize the effects of malic and citric acids from the food you eat. Moreover, we can get 15% of our recommended daily dose of Vitamin C from apples which is great news for your gums.

4.    Water

This may sound like a cliché but water is a perfect drink for maintaining dental hygiene. Not only is it a great source of fluoride (depends on the bottle brand and your community water system) which is said to prevent tooth decay, but it also keeps your mouth hydrated, thus preventing dry mouth condition. So optfor water instead of sugary beverages that may actually end up giving you nasty cavities.

5.    Lean Proteins

This category includes food like fish, meat, tofu, and poultry, which have high amounts of phosphorus and protein. These are essential in maintaining the health of your teeth as they attack the bacteria causing enamel erosion.

6.    Dairy Products

Cheese contains calcium, while milk contains both phosphates and calcium. These are key components of your saliva which are added back to the teeth, thus preventing the enamel from being eroded.

nuts for oral health

7.    Nuts

Like dairy products, nuts also carry a lot of calcium and phosphorus, which help fight bacteria. Additionally, nuts are perfect for snacking, thus replacing starchy food like crackers which contribute to cavities.

8.    Black and Green Tea

These drinks contain polyphenols that kill bacteria and prevent them from growing. This reduces acid production, which in turn protects our enamel from deteriorating while the antioxidant properties help with gum inflammation.

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